Hyundai N-Beats – Mix your own race tracks.

  • Brand Experience
  • Automotive
  • Exhibition
  • Interface Design
  • User Experience
  • Sound Design

The Hyundai “N” series reshuffles the pack with compact sports cars. These high performance hot-hatch models resemble maximum driving enjoyment on road and race track. For the 2018 Paris Motorshow, an exhibit was created to put the model’s fascination to the test – without a test drive.

“N-Beats” combines the thrill of motorsports with the ingenuity of drum machines. The intuitive exhibit gave visitors the opportunity to create their own individual, adrenaline-soaked track, while experiencing the iconic “N” racing sound in its full power.

Its principle is as straightforward as it is entertaining: Pick a genre, mix your sound, jam, record, download and share your own race tracks. With its Hyundai “N” car sounds, every track has a unique drive and unifies brand experience with the lifestyle interests of gen Y.

    • Intuitive interface with audio-reactive sound visualizer.
    • Millionfold combinations of individual tracks.
    • Interactive motorsport, music and brand experience.
    • Crowd puller with young visitors – 1272 tracks created.
  • Client:
    DECODE / INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe / Hyundai Motor Company / Chimney
  • Industry:
    Automotive / Space&Design
  • Services:
    Art Direction / Interface Design / Motion Design
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