Hyundai i10 #GoBig
True greatness comes from within.

The new i10 is the smallest model made by Hyundai, yet causes big surprise with its premium features and and extensive roominess that are exceptional for its category. Despite its compact built, we created a showcase at IAA 2019 for the multi-talented i10 that caught everyone’s attention. And made its inner values the big star of the show.

  • IAA
  • Exponat
  • Architecture Development
  • Art Direction
  • Interface Design
  • Conception
  • Motion Design
  • Unity Development
  • Hyundai Motors Europe
  • Automotive


Features to tap into.

An interactive installation showcased the core features of the Hyundai i10 in an attention-sparking way. The 4 big touchscreens invited visitors from afar to playfully learn about the collision avoidance system, trunk capacity, acceleration and the smart navigation system.

Construction & Technical Development

A grand experience from the inside out.

The walk-through exhibition offers lots of space to showcase the inner values and features of the compact city car. Its minimalistic design puts touchscreens into its center without obstructing the view of the exhibited Hyundai i10.


A real headstart for presales.

With the Go Big Experience, the compact city car proved its greatness at the IAA 2019 with a lasting impression. And gave 500.000 visitors the opportunity for a virtual test drive that sparked great interest within its presale phase.

  • Client:
    INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe / Hyundai Motor Company
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  • Services:
    Architecture Development / Art Direction / Interface Design / Concept / Motion Design / Unity Development
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