Caravaning & Cooking – A mouthwatering way of travel.

In 2018, we turned the information portal of the German Caravaning Industry Association into the most beautiful travel destination of the internet. In 2019, it was about time to give the dusty image of Caravaning a new exciting make-over: And portray it as a modern lifestyle vacation that makes the desire for individuality and independence become a heartfelt reality.

Together with DMAX and Mhoch4, we took TV cook Brian Bojsen on a Caravaning trip of a lifetime – to travel across Europe in 12 TV episodes and gather inspiration for his next cookbook. But the TV show comes with a delicate side dish: An elaborate interlocking of second screen contents, that lead viewers from their TV sets into the digital world of served.

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Content Platform Development

Appetite for Europe. Hungry for Caravaning.

From Norway to Sardegna. From Basque Country to Croatia – wherever Brian is travelling to on the DMAX show, the buffet of inspirational content is already open on

The information portal turns into a digital travel guide for viewers of the program. With weekly updates of freshly made, exclusive contents about every travel destination. Here, Brian serves viewers all the natural ingredients to create their own Caravaning adventure in his wake, with every exciting meal, destination and experience.

Editorial Content Production

Homemade inspiration.

Insider travelling tips, practical information and exciting stories for every viewer craving more than what’s on TV. In over 50 articles about Brian’s travels, we send users on their own journey throughout Europe. With Brian as the charming caravaning-insider, master chef and travel guide, taking viewers through all relevant categories, such as People & Culture, National Cuisine, Recipes, and Caravaning and Campsite tips.

The cherry on top: Exciting events in every episode are taken up and enriched with exclusive insights, tips handy hints and takeaways.

Video Content Production

All you can Asset.

The beating heart of the campaign is composed by a range of exclusive video contents. They take the viewer on a journey into the world of Caravaning & Cooking and add depth to every travel destination beyond the TV show contents. For this, over 20 Terabyte of footage were examined, scripted, and edited to the visual language of CIVD into 89 rich courses of video content. Bon Appétit!

Integration Social Campaign

Tasty bits of entertainment to snack on.

To offer a view beyond the TV show on social media, we served videos, stories, prize raffles, panoramic images, a shared hashtags and tagging between DMAX, Brian Bojsen and Caravaning-Info, that really quickened the appetite for Caravaning travels.

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    Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V. (CIVD)
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    Creative Direction / Conception / Editorial Content / Video Production/ Motion Design / Second Screen Experience / Information Architecture / Website / Social Media
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