It’s love, officially.
July 2020

After over a decade in business, we are excited to announce the next evolution of HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG.

Over the course of our close longtime collaboration, we have established a strong relationship – now, we join the LIGANOVA GROUP for good. This partnership marries the leading company for seamless brand experiences in connected spaces with our dedication for creativity and technology. Enabling us to enter the next level of our united mission: Closing the gap between the digital and physical world.

The strength of our relationship originates from our shared culture of curiosity, sense for aesthetics and passion for innovative ideas. Together with and for our dear clients, we will continue to create under our own name, now stronger than ever before – with LIGANOVA’s four international offices as well as the company’s consulting & strategic services and production facilities having our back.

But there’s no time for honeymoon. Rather for passionately spent time on many lovely projects. Maybe yours.

So, GET IN CONTACT and create the future of experience.

Digitalagency Frankfurt

HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG, based in Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 2009 by Alexander Ludwig and Daniel Kaiser and complemented in 2014 with the entry of Managing Partner Markus Schuhmacher. As a digital experience agency that combines creativity and emerging technologies, we are committed to what we do best – innovate and craft memorable experiences for a connected world. Shaping a new culture of digital brand excitement.


We are creative professionals, innovators and evangelists

We are a multi-talented team of digital strategists, creatives, technologists, project managers, developers and performance experts – sharing the same ambition to create the future of experiences. To achieve this, we respect and promote a wholesome work culture and personal development within our team.

The “Office of Creation”

A space for culture & inspiration

We created a participatory and collaborative office located in the east harbor area of Frankfurt. Our aim: To provide a perfect space for informal work culture, agile team collaboration and ideal development of potential, that blazes a trail towards advancing our structures, methods and capabilities.

A digital agency with longstanding expertise

We act ahead of everyone. We think ahead for everything.

Our expertise offers strategic consulting, positioning and exhibition of brands and products, as well as ground level creation of impressive digital environments.
As a digital agency with longstanding experience and competence, we have a passion for taking up a challenge where we can, always questioning the status quo of everything.